Booking Guide 2020|2021

You might have landed here from an online resources or a recommendation from a lovely couple in either case i feel truly blessed and i am incredibly thankful that my work has resonated to your taste and you are taking this precious time to explore further...  

It's beautiful to experience a personal connection with my clients, get to know their loving journey and document it with earnest awareness. I follow an intuitive approach with my artistry and honour the quirks and uniqueness of each being. Other than some subtle fine tuning, I tend to capture the day in all its rawness and actuality...

I seek those intimate and unaware moments shared with friends and family members...

Those pearl like tears of loving joy rolling down the cheeks... 

Those cheeky and heartfelt glances exchanged with such passion and intimacy... 

Those electric dance moves shared with loved ones and so much more....

I am here to assist and be by your side in every way that i can to make your experience flow flawlessly, to assist you in making the most of your beautiful Wedding Day while all those precious moments that you experience in a heartfelt way are captured with absolute presence. My clients see me more as a friend, someone who likes to listen and makes the effort to feel their needs intuitively in a patient, creative and joyful manner. 

I am presently offering 20% off on all below packages till the 23rd of May 2020

Elopements & Intimate Weddings

Fun and intricate. A personal and intimate affair. Package includes:

6 Hrs Consecutive Coverage | USB with edited High Res Images | $2490


From dressing up to classic dance floor moves, Package includes:

8 Hrs Consecutive Coverage | USB with edited High Res Images | Highlights of the day- Online Gallery | $2990


Casual, Joyful, a Serene documentation of every day love n life:

2 Hrs Coverage | USB with edited High Res Images | $690


I personally manage the entire work flow from image editing to album designing

Albums Include:

Choice of Linen or Leather Cover | Intricately Designed | Fine Art Archival Prints | 16 spreads | Sizes: 10*10 | 12*12 

Images of your choice | Starts at $590


How long have you been doing this for and what is your Background?

I have a 2 year Full-Time "Diploma in Photo Imaging" from Melbourne Polytechnic which i passed with Distinction and since graduating in 2013 i have been passionately photographing Weddings.

How many photos do you take on the day?

For an 8hr package i take 800-900 images.

We are camera "Shy". How do we go about it?

It's due to the love, generosity and kindness of my couples that i have been able to showcase the beautiful images here. You are gonna do great cause its your dream day and there is love all around. I will be by your side guiding you and joyfully giving a hand...

How long before we get our images back?

It takes me 4-5 weeks to edit all images, however if you need it earlier then please do advise and i will try my best.

Would you be able to give us a few images for thank you cards within couple of days?

Absolutely, as long as you send me one too :) i am only joking, i can easily email them to you.

What's your Payment Schedule?

A 25% downpayment while Booking. Another 50% Deposit 3 Weeks before the Wedding Day. The remaining 25% can be paid within 3 Weeks after the Wedding.

What's your Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy?

I am happy to reschedule your booking as long as i do not have any pre-existing bookings for the day. Do note that in case i am unable to reschedule, the Deposit is non-refundable as this is what i do for a living and i have solely dedicated the day for you guys.

How do you go about "Family Photos"?

I highly recommend creating a list for all combinations of family photos and assigning it to a family member best suited for the job on the day. I would place you guys in a sweet spot where lighting is most ideal and every one else will come in and out of the shot as their names are read and it'll be beautifully done in no time...

What format do we get the images in?

You would be receiving High Resolutions Jpegs which would be print ready. I edit every single image taken on the day and color correct it. 

Can we have RAW images delivered to us?

I present industry practice is to provide high res edited Jpegs and i follow the same standards. In case you need a few handpicked RAWs images that would be fine.

Is it only you on the day or do you have someone assisting as well?

I work solo however if you need me to bring a second shooter along then please do advise as it comes in handy if you are expecting a lot of guests.

Do you carry back-up camera gear?

Yes, i do bring an additional camera body and variety of lenses.

Can we give you a list of fav style of images we like?

Absolutely, i am here to bring your vision to reality

Are the images Retouched?

Each individual image taken on the day goes through color correction and editing personally done by myself

What's a Highlights of the day- Online Gallery ?

After i have edited all images, I take 150-200 images that are highlight of the day and further retouch them creatively and post them online on my Website for you to share with family and friends. 

I am delighted that my work has resonated with your vision and I look forward to your email and to get to know you guys.

Before submitting the form, kindly take a moment to see the Contact No, Date and Email Address is all good. Thanks so much

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