When i was little, i toyed with my Dad's polaroid and a bright red Kodak camera. As i childishly snapped all kinds of mundane moments, little did i know that one day that adventure would be my livelihood, one that would inspire me, nurture me and bring me closer to my true self. 

Melbourne is the ocean, like a river i flow...

As i learned the art of image making i also learned to color too. Water colors delight me and i enjoy doing semi-abstract compositions. Some of my inspiration comes from Rothko, Hiroshige, and Turner.

I worked at "Hewlett Packard" for nearly 4 years, then took a detour, studied Visual Arts and since graduating from the 2 year Full-Time Diploma in 2013 i have been photographing weddings. 

I take my time with my couples, get to know them, learn about their journey and look for little quirky details on the way. I put my heart and soul in what i do and that is the only way i know to work...

This adorable monster chewed 12 pairs of shoes and got away with it...

I aspire to bring your vision to reality, to be immersed in the moment completely and tell your story from its very core and essence. 

I seek myself in nature

I am passionate about photographing People, Places and Stories and I sincerely admire the exquisite magic of both natural and found light. One of my mentors once said- "If you look hard enough and persist, you will find light" (its been true for both photography and life). 

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